Top Extremism- and Terrorism-Related Stories in Russia, 15-20 March 2014

This week’s highlights of media reports and developments relating to extremism, terrorism and insurgency in Russia. These highlights are intended to provide an overview of the most interesting stories rather than a comprehensive survey of all reporting on the issues.  Interesting material from extremist websites that may complement the picture is not included – for ethical (and legal) reasons, I choose not to link to extremist material. 

Caucasus Emirate Leadership Change

Instagram: Kadyrov rejoices after CE websites confirm that CE leader Umarov has died to be replaced with Aliaskhab Kebekov (Ali Abu-Mukhammad) (18 March 2014) (Rus)

Kommersant notes that Akhmed Zakayev thinks Umarov died summer 2013, claims death concealed because of lack of agreement over successor (19 March 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel provide a short biography of new CE leader Kebekov (18 March 2014) (Rus)

RFE/RL: Magomed Toriyev ponders the viability of a Dagestan-led insurgency (20 March 2014) (Rus) Orkhan Dzhemal views Umarov as a now broken link holding together disparate groups, views Kebekov as more moderate (19 March 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Deputy chief editor of Dagestani newspaper Chernovik views Kebekov as respected rebel leader and his ascension to leadership as unsurprising (19 March 2014) (Rus)

Far Right

Kavkazskaya Politika: Moscow district court finds Slavyanskiy Soyuz leader Dmitriy Demushkin guilty of organizing an extremist movement (17 March 2014) (Rus)


Kommersant: Chechen Timur Makhauri on trial in Turkey for allegedly killing five supporters of Ichkerian independence (17 March 2014) (Rus) Security Council chief Nikolay Patrushev reports that 30 cases of financing terrorism recorded in North Caucasus in 2013 (20 March 2014) (Rus) Prosecutors demand life sentences for 3 Primorskiye Partizans (20 March 2014) (Rus) 

RIA Novosti: The Federal Security Services claim to have discovered a group smuggling weapons from the European Union to the North Caucasus via Ukraine (20 March 2014) (Eng)


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