Top Extremism- and Terrorism-Related Stories in Russia, 13-19 September 2014

This week’s highlights of media reports and developments relating to extremism, terrorism and insurgency in Russia. These highlights are intended to provide an overview of the most interesting stories rather than a comprehensive survey of all reporting on the issues.  Interesting material from extremist websites that may complement the picture is not included – for ethical (and legal) reasons, I choose not to link to extremist material.

Caucasus Emirate/North Caucasus

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Mass detentions reported at Salafi mosques in Derbent and Makhachkala (12 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavpolit: Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov says that women are not allowed to conceal their faces and manifestations of Wahhabism will be prevented (18 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Chechen residents report that security services abducted a woman wearing a hijab in Groznyy (18 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Untsukulskiy Rayon residents complain about the decision to close the Gimry tunnel during a counterterrorism operation (19 September 2014) (Rus)
Court Cases/Investigations

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Dagestani court finds woman guilty of storing a suicide belt (16 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Court case against six Astrakhan residents accused of recruiting fighters to the Syrian conflict continues (16 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavpolit: Prosecutors request eight years for group of Astrakhan residents accused of recruiting fighters for conflicts in Syria, Egypt and the North Caucasus (18 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkaz Online: Case against local Dagestani deputy accused of organising a criminal group to be transferred to court (18 September 2014) (Rus)

Rapsi: A Dagestani man accused of planning a terrorist attack in Georgia asks the Georgian authorities not to extradite him to Russia (17 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Chechnya’s Supreme Court sentences to 20 years man accused of killing 16 Russian servicemen in 1996 (19 September 2014) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Two men sentenced for the June 2013 murder of a Vladikavkaz businessman and a subsequent attack on his funeral (19 September 2014) (Rus)


Long War Journal: Caucasus Emirate eulogizes slain Ahrar al Sham leaders (15 September 2014) (Eng)

From Chechnya to Syria: Seyfullakh al-Shishani Jamaat member Khalid al-Shishani explains the group’s position on fitna and decision to join Jabhat al-Nusrah (14 September 2014) (Eng)

From Chechnya to Syria: Jund al-Sham leader Muslim al-Shishani answers questions on the Caucasus (14-15 September 2014) (Eng)


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