Top Extremism- and Terrorism-Related Stories in Russia, 16-23 January 2015

This week’s highlights of media reports and developments relating to extremism, terrorism and insurgency in Russia. These highlights are intended to provide an overview of the most interesting stories rather than a comprehensive survey of all reporting on the issues.  Interesting material from extremist websites that may complement the picture is not included – for ethical (and legal) reasons, I choose not to link to extremist material.

North Caucasus

RFE/RL: Police In Kabardino-Balkaria Kill Alleged ‘Militant’ Who Fought In Syria (19 January 2015) (Eng)

OpenDemocracy Russia: A look at the case against 58 people suspected of involvement in the 2005 Nalchik attack (16 January 2015) (Eng)

The Moscow Times: Mark Galeotti opines that hyping the threat of terrorism from the North Caucasus benefits Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov and the FSB (20 January 2015) (Eng)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: A man killed in Nalchik was not connected to the Ingushetian insurgency, according to the Ingushetian Security Council (21 January 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Chechnya overtakes Dagestan for the number of conflict casualties in the fourth quarter of 2014 (22 January 2015) (Rus)


RFE/RL: Russian Official: ‘Chechen’ Islamic State Warlords Are U.S.-Trained Georgians (16 January 2015) (Eng)

RFE/RL: Islamic State Evades Russian Bans To Spread Propaganda On Social Media (19 January 2015) (Eng)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: A Turkish intelligence source claims that suspected Istanbul suicide attacker Diana Ramazanova and her late husband were Islamic State members (16 January 2015) (Rus)

RFE/RL: A court in Tatarstan sentences a local man for fighting in Syria (20 January 2015) (Eng)


Kommersant: A Moscow court sentences a man accused of planning terrorist attacks in Moscow Oblast to eight years in prison (20 January 2015) (Rus)

TASS: Austrian police detain the head of a North Ossetian organized crime group believed to be behind several prominent murders (19 January 2015) (Eng)

Kavpolit: Five “Chechens” detained in France, supposedly on suspicion of terrorism, were from various nationalities and may not have been involved in terrorism (20 January 2015) (Rus)


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