Top Extremism- and Terrorism-Related Stories in Russia, 28 February-13 March 2015

This week’s highlights of media reports and developments relating to extremism, terrorism and insurgency in Russia. These highlights are intended to provide an overview of the most interesting stories rather than a comprehensive survey of all reporting on the issues.  Interesting material from extremist websites that may complement the picture is not included – for ethical (and legal) reasons, I choose not to link to extremist material.

North Caucasus/Caucasus Emirate

Interfax: Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov claims he persuaded a Chechen emir to surrender (2 March 2014) (Rus)

Kommersant: Major operation against the Kizilyurtovskaya group concludes in Dagestan, with seven suspected rebels killed (3 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Residents of Semender report mass detentions (3 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: FSB reports arrest of man accused of participating in 2002 Nord Ost attacks (5 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: At least 100 people detained following an explosion in late February at a dam in Groznyy (6 March 2015) (Rus)

Kommersant: Former Karachayevo-Cherkessian imam cleared of inciting man to kill senior figure in republic’s Spiritual Board of Muslims in 2009 (7 March 2015) (Rus)

Kommersant: Arrest warrant issued for a former advisor to Kadyrov, accused of organising assassination attempt on Khasavyurt mayor (11 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Experts view Security Council Secretary’s remarks on the threat of fighters returning from Syria as signalling increased security measures in the North Caucasus (13 March 2015) (Rus)

Boris Nemtsov’s Murder

Kommersant: Four men from Chechnya, one who served in the Sever Battalion, arrested on suspicion of murdering opposition politician Boris Nemtsov (7 March 2015) (Rus) A suspect in Nemtsov’s murder blows himself up during an attempt to detain him in Groznyy (8 March 2015) (Rus)

Rosbalt: One of the Nemtsov murder suspects claims he killed him because of his negative comments about Islam (8 March 2015) (Rus)

The Moscow Times: Islamist Motive for Nemtsov Murder Is ‘Nonsensical,’ Yashin Says (9 March 2015) (Eng)

Rosbalt: Investigators reach the preliminary conclusion that Nemtsov’s killers acted alone, without orders (10 March 2015) (Rus)

Court Cases/Investigations

RIA Dagestan: Dagestani man to face trial, accused of participating in a Makhachkala insurgent group (2 March 2015) (Rus)

Chernovik: Dagestani to stand trial, accused of membership of the Makhachkalinskiy group (2 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Dagestani resident sentenced to five years for providing supplies to the Tsuntinskiy group (3 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Kabardino-Balkarian man sentenced to five and a half years for membership of the local insurgency (10 March 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Chechnya’s Supreme Court sentences two men to eight years in prison for participating in an attack led by Shamil Basayev and Emir Khattab in 1999 (12 March 2015) (Rus)

Chernovik: Dagestani woman sentenced to two years for providing supplies to the Kizilyurtovskaya group (13 March 2015) (Rus)

Syria Kadyrov wants to help repentant Islamic State Chechens return home (3 March 2015) (Rus)

Interfax: Russian Security Council Secretary Patrushev claims the Islamic State is “fine-tuning” ties with militants in the North Caucasus (5 March 2015) (Eng)


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