Top Extremism- and Terrorism-Related Stories in Russia, 21-27 August 2015

This week’s highlights of media reports and developments relating to extremism, terrorism and insurgency in Russia. These highlights are intended to provide an overview of the most interesting stories rather than a comprehensive survey of all reporting on the issues.  Interesting material from extremist websites that may complement the picture is not included – for ethical (and legal) reasons, I choose not to link to extremist material.

North Caucasus

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Twelve people detained in Dagestani village following attack on policeman (21 August 2015) (Rus) Three alleged rebels from Makhachkalinskiy jama’at, including its emir, killed in clash in Dagestan (24 August 2015) (Rus)

Izvestiya: The Caucasus Wilayah’s Northern Sector emir is killed in a shootout with police less than a week after being appointed (25 August 2015) (Rus)

Court Cases/Investigations

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Ingushetian resident detained on suspicion of supplying food to insurgents (21 August 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Two Kabardino-Balkarian residents accused of undergoing training in Syria and constructing IEDs on their return sentenced to 14 and seven years (25 August 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Man detained in Kabardino-Balkaria’s Zolskiy Rayon on suspicion of aiding insurgents (25 August 2015) (Rus)

Islam News: Ukrainian citizens accused of fighting in Chechnya in the 1990s to stand trial (26 August 2015) (Rus)


Life News: Muscovite suspected of having joined Islamic State actually murdered by her husband (21 August 2015) (Rus)

Kavkazskiy Uzel: Three Chechen residents suspected of having joined Islamic State. another seven identified (21 August 2015) (Rus)

From Chechnya to Syria: Salakhuddin al-Shishani makes first video address since ouster from Jaysh al-Muhajirin wal-Ansar (23 August 2015) (Eng)

Interfax: Tajikistan asks Russia to close Qiwi accounts used by Islamic State supporters (24 August 2015) (Rus)

Life News: Mother of Islamic State fighter reportedly helps him escape Syria (25 August 2015) (Rus)

Life News: Security services issue warnings to Russians suspected of being “under influence” of Islamic State, but who have not yet quit Russia or committed a crime (25 August 2015) (Rus)
Kavkaz Times: Three residents of Krasnodar Kray detained on suspicion of planning to join Islamic State (27 August 2015) (Rus)

RIA Novosti: Russian higher education establishments to conduct lectures on threat posed by Islamic State (27 August 2015) (Rus)

RFE/RL: North Caucasus men in Syria face different fates on return to Russia (27 August 2015) (Eng)


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