Bibliography: Literature on the Ideology of the Caucasus Emirate

Scholarly publications that address or make claims about the ideology of the North Caucasus insurgency post-2007.

The ideology of the contemporary North Caucasus insurgency has received only limited academic attention, with much of the literature predating or only briefly postdating the proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate (IK) in October 2007. In more recent literature, ideology often features contextually, rather than as a principle focus of study, and claims are not always supported by references to primary source material or by rigorous methodologies. The following reading list highlights articles that substantively address, make important claims about, or may otherwise contribute to our understanding of the ideology of the post-2007 insurgency.

Key texts relating to ideology are marked with an *. Neither inclusion nor designation as key texts should be seen as an endorsement of the claims made by the papers (except for the two that I wrote!). Links are included to help find the items, not as an endorsement of any commercial platforms. If you think I’ve missed something important, let me know.

Abdulagatov, Zaid Magomedovich (2012) ‘О влиянии религиозного фактора на экстремистское поведение дагестанской молодежи,’ Социологические исследования, 1, pp. 106-113. Link >>

Aksyumov, Boris (2012) ‘Идеологические основы религиозно-политического экстремизма и терроризма на Северном Кавказе,’ Научная мысль Кавказа, 1, pp. 30-34. No link available.

*Campana, Aurélie and Ratelle, Jean-François (2014) ‘A Political Sociology Approach to the Diffusion of Conflict from Chechnya to Dagestan and Ingushetia,’ Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 37: 2, pp. 115–34. Link >>

*Campana, Aurélie and Ducol, Benjamin (2015) ‘Voices of the “Caucasus Emirate”: Mapping and Analyzing North Caucasus Insurgency Websites,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 27:4, pp. 679–700. Link >>

Garner, George  (2013) ‘Chechnya and Kashmir: The Jihadist Evolution of Nationalism to Jihad and Beyond,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 25:3, pp. 419-434. Link >>

Hahn, Gordon M. (2011) ‘Getting the Caucasus Emirate Right,’ Center for Strategic and International Studies. Link >> (open access)

Hahn, Gordon M. (2014) The Caucasus Emirate Mujahideen: Global Jihadism in Russia’s North Caucasus and Beyond, Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers. Link >>

International Crisis Group (2012) The North Caucasus: The Challenges of Integration (II), Islam, the Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency. Europe Report No.221. Link >> (open access)

International Crisis Group (2016) The North Caucasus Insurgency and Syria: An Exported Jihad?, Europe Report No.238. Link >> (open access)

Jasutis, Grazvydas (2014) ‘Armed Violence in Dagestan: The Role of the Caucasus Emirate,’ Journal of Global Peace and Conflict, 2:1, pp. 85-102. Link >> (open access)

Knysh, Alexander (2012) ‘Islam and Arabic as the Rhetoric of Insurgency: The Case of the Caucasus Emirate,’ Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 35:4, pp. 317-337. Link >>

Kurbanov, Ruslan (2010) ‘The Information Jihad of “Shariat” Jamaat: Objectives, Methods and Achievements,’ in Dannreuther, Roland and March, Luke (eds) (2010), Russia and Islam: State, Society and Radicalism, Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Routledge. Link >>

Leahy, Kevin Daniel (2010), “From Racketeer To Emir: A Political Portrait Of Doku Umarov, Russia’s Most Wanted Man,” Caucasian Review of International Affairs, 4:3, pp248-270. Link >> (open access)

Markedonov, Sergey (2010b) Radical Islam in the North Caucasus, Washington, D.C.: CSIS. Link >> (open access)

Moore, Cerwyn (2015) ‘Foreign Bodies: Transnational Activism, the Insurgency in the North Caucasus and “Beyond”,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 27:3, pp. 395-415. Link >> (open access)

O’Loughlin, John, Holland, Edward C. and Witmer, Frank D.W (2011) ‘The Changing Geography of Violence in Russia’s North Caucasus, 1999-2011: Regional Trends and Local Dynamics in Dagestan, Ingushetia, and Kabardino-Balkaria,’ Eurasian Geography and Economics, 52:5, pp. 596-630. Link >> (open access)

Pokalova, Elena (2015) Chechnya’s Terrorist Network: The Evolution of Terrorism in Russia’s North Caucasus, Santa Barbara, California: Praeger. Link Link >>

Pokalova, Elena (2016) ‘The Al Qaeda Brand: The Strategic Use of the “Terrorist” Label,’ Terrorism and Political Violence. Link >>

Ratelle, Jean-François (2014c) ‘The North Caucasus Insurgency: Understanding the Chechen Rebels in the Context of the Caucasus Emirate,’ in Anne Le Huérou, Aude Merlin, Amandine Regamey and Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski (eds.) Chechnya at War and Beyond, London: Routledge, pp. 176-198. Link >>

Ratelle, Jean-François and Souleimanov, Emil A. (2015) ‘Retaliation in Rebellion: The Missing Link to Explaining Insurgent Violence in Dagestan,’ Terrorism and Political Violence. Link >>

Rich, Ben and Conduit, Dara (2014) ‘The Impact of Jihadist Foreign Fighters on Indigenous Secular-Nationalist Causes: Contrasting Chechnya and Syria,’ Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. Link >>

Rivas, José Manuel and Tarín, Adrián (2016) ‘Leadership Style and War and Peace Policies in the Context of Armed Conflict: The Case of Maskhadov and Umarov,’ Problems of Post-Communism. Link >>

*Sagramoso, Domitilla (2012) ‘The Radicalisation of Islamic Salafi Jamaats in the North Caucasus: Moving Closer to the Global Jihadist Movement?,” Europe-Asia Studies 64:3, pp. 561-595. Link >>

Schaefer, Robert W. (2011) The Insurgency in Chechnya and the North Caucasus: From Gazavat to Jihad, Santa Barbara, California: Praeger Security International. Link  >>

Shterin, Marat and Yarlykapov, Akhmet (2011) ‘Reconsidering Radicalisation and Terrorism: the New Muslims Movement in Kabardino-Balkaria and its Path to Violence,’ Religion, State and Society, 39:2-3, pp. 303-325. Link >>

Shterin, Marat and Yarlykapov, Akhmet (2012) ‘Caliphate in the Minds and Practices of Young Muslims in the Northern Caucasus,’ in Madawi Al-Rasheed, Carool Kersten and Marat Shterin (eds.) Demystifying the Caliphate, London: C.Hurst and Co Publishers, pp. 247-271. Link >>

Souleimanov, Emil (2015) ‘Jihad or Security? Understanding the Jihadization of Chechen Insurgency Through Recruitment in Jihadist Units,’ Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, 17:1, pp. 86-105. Link >>

Tekushev, Islam (2012) ‘Имарат Кавказ как фундаменталистская уникальная модель,’ Islam, Islamism and Politics in Eurasia Report (IIPER), 50. Link >> (open access)

Toft, Monica Duffy and Zhukov, Yuri M (2015) ‘Islamists and Nationalists: Rebel Motivation and Counterinsurgency in Russia’s North Caucasus,” American Political Science Review, 109:2, pp 222–38. Link >>

*Youngman, Mark (2016a) ‘Broader, Vaguer, Weaker: The Evolving Ideology of the
Caucasus Emirate Leadership,’ Terrorism and Political Violence. Link >> (open access).

*Youngman, Mark (2016b) ‘Between Caucasus and Caliphate: The Splintering of the North Caucasus Insurgency,’ Caucasus Survey. Link >> (open access).

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