Recent Research on the North Caucasus — April 2018

A monthly report highlighting recent scholarly publications relating to the contemporary North Caucasus. 

Inclusion does not constitute endorsement. If there are any publications I’ve missed or you think should be included in the next report, please flag it via Twitter or email.

Sokolov (ed.) (2017) Caucasian Local Communities in the Global World.

Abstract: A collection of Russian-language articles from leading Russian scholars on the political, social, religious, and economic changes underway in the North Caucasus. Includes contributions from Akhmet Yarlykapov on the challenges of dealing with the Islamic State; Konstantin Kazenin on demographic processes as a factor in conflict in the region; Irina Kosterina on women as agents of modernisation; Denis Sokolov on the transformation of village jama’ats and identity in Dagestan; and Irina Starodubrovskaya on the role of intergenerational conflict in social transformation.

Reference: Sokolov, Denis (ed.) (2017) Кавказские локальные сообщества в глобальном мире: Опыт изучения политической, социальной и религиозной трансформации (Caucasian Local Communities in the Global World: The Experience of Studying Political, Social and Religious Transformation), Moscow and St Petersburg: Branko.


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