Overview of publications

A compiled list of the publications covered in this section.

Peer-reviewed articles

‘Building “terrorism studies” as an interdisciplinary space: Addressing recurring issues in the study of terrorism,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 2018 >>>.

‘Between Caucasus and caliphate: The splintering of the North Caucasus insurgency,’ Caucasus Survey, 4:3, 2016, 194-217 >>>.

‘Broader, vaguer, weaker: The evolving ideology of the Caucasus Emirate leadership,’ Terrorism and Political Violence, 2016 >>>.

Policy briefs

‘“Russian-Speaking” Fighters in Syria, Iraq and at Home: Consequences and Context,’ Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats Policy Brief, 2017 >>>.

Media and other publications

‘Learning From Ideological Variance And Change,’ Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats >>>.

‘Guide: The Caucasus Emirate,’ Radicalisation Research, co-authored with Cerwyn Moore, 2017 >>>.

‘Explainer: The Chechen Conflict,’ Radicalisation Research (co-authored with Cerwyn Moore) >>>.

‘Lessons From The Decline Of The North Caucasus Insurgency,’ Crest Security Review, 4 >>>.

‘After St Petersburg: Russia and the Threat from Central Asian Terror Networks,’ Royal United Services Institute (co-authored with Dr Cerwyn Moore) >>>.

‘Russia’s domestic terrorism threat is serious, sophisticated and complex,’ The Conversation (co-authored with Dr Cerwyn Moore) >>>.

‘The North Caucasus Insurgency’s Syrian Balancing Act,’ Jihadology >>>.